Cancer Survivors: Ways to Help Others

If you are a cancer survivor, you may wonder how you can help cancer patients who are still undergoing treatment. A common question among survivors is, “How do I give back?” There are many ways that you can offer support, both practical and emotional.

Few ideas to give back as a survivor:

Offer: One of the best ways to help cancer patients is by offering your time and energy, whether grocery shopping or taking care of kids; giving them a break from having too many responsibilities can do wonders for someone who has just begun or is going through treatment!

Listen: Cancer patients need someone to listen to them without judgment or advice. Just being there for them can be a tremendous support.

Share your story: If you feel comfortable doing so, sharing your own experience with cancer can be very helpful for cancer patients. It can show them that there is hope and that they are not alone.

Bring food: Cancer patients often have particular dietary needs, so bringing them homemade or healthy meals can significantly help.

Help with financial planning: Cancer treatment can be costly, so offering to help cancer patients budget and plan for their expenses can be a tremendous support.

Be there: Sometimes the best thing you can do is be present for cancer patients. Let them know that you care and are available to help in any way you can. Cancer patients often feel isolated and alone, so your support can make a difference.

Others way of giving back a survivor:

There are many ways to give back as a cancer survivor. Survivors can also volunteer their time, donate money, or raise cancer research and treatment awareness. You can find the best way for you and one that makes you feel good. Just know that your experience and knowledge are invaluable and can help cancer patients. Thank you for being an inspiration and a brave warrior!

What have been some of your favorite ways to give back?


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