Chemotherapy Administration

How is Chemotherapy administered?

Chemotherapy is a commonly used treatment for cancer that uses medication to kill cancer cells. There are several different ways that Chemotherapy can be administered, and the best method for a patient will depend on the type of cancer they have and where it’s located.

Intravenous (IV) chemotherapy

IV chemotherapy is the most common way Chemotherapy is given. It involves injecting the chemotherapy drugs directly into a vein using a needle or catheter. The drugs then travel through the bloodstream to the cancer cells. This method is typically used for cancers that have spread throughout the body or for patients who need high doses of Chemotherapy. IV chemotherapy is usually given in a hospital or clinic setting.

Oral Chemotherapy

Oral Chemotherapy involves taking chemotherapy drugs in pill or capsule form. Oral Chemotherapy can be taken at home, which can be more convenient for patients who live far from a treatment center. However, it’s important for patients to follow their treatment schedule closely and to notify their healthcare provider if they experience any side effects. Not all chemo medications come in an oral form.

Intrathecal Chemotherapy

Intrathecal Chemotherapy involves injecting the drugs directly into the spinal fluid using a needle. This method is used to treat cancers that have spread to the brain or spinal cord, as the drugs can reach the cancer cells more directly. Intrathecal Chemotherapy is typically given in a hospital or clinic setting.

Topical Chemotherapy

Topical Chemotherapy involves applying the drugs directly to the skin using a cream or gel. This method is used to treat skin cancers, such as basal cell carcinoma and

squamous cell carcinoma. Topical Chemotherapy is usually applied at home, and patients may need to follow specific instructions to prevent the drugs from spreading to other parts of the body.

Intra-arterial Chemotherapy

Intra-arterial Chemotherapy involves injecting the drugs directly into the artery that supplies blood to the cancerous tissue. This method is used to treat cancers that are localized to a specific area, such as liver or kidney cancer. Intra-arterial Chemotherapy is typically performed in a hospital or clinic setting.



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