Why Oncologists should join the platform

Why Oncologists should join the platform

cancerGO Founders
cancerGO Founders
Oncologist on cancerGO | cancerGO

The three words that stop any human being on its path is “You Have Cancer”! And this is the moment when sheer helplessness wrecks havoc on a patient’s mental and physical well-being. As an oncologist, connecting with cancer patients now matters more than ever.

Today, we invite you to join cancerGO.

cancerGo is a social network where oncologists democratize access to knowledge, interpret cancer therapeutics for a broader audience, and provide accurate cancer-related information to counteract misinformation. Cancer-related stigma leads to isolation, discrimination, and delay in early detection – you can help to end it!

We want to equip patients with the correct knowledge to fight cancer efficiently! When a trusted expert like yourself engages with affected individuals, providing guidance that could enlighten their understanding of their condition, it opens many possibilities for the patients and their loved ones. CancerGO delivers the ability to reach many such people effectively from the comfort of your mobile phone.

A few key benefits come with joining cancerGo as an oncologist. First, you can play a significant role in getting accurate cancer-related information OUT through a dedicated oncology platform with a dedicated audience. Second, you can connect immediately with other experts and peers globally to learn and disseminate information. And finally, you can advance your career by discussing publications, research, and broader issues, including healthcare policies and a plethora of cancer-care topics.

Again, I request that you download our mobile app and join the cancerGO network.

Together, we must fight to destigmatize cancer.

cancerGO Founders
cancerGO Founders
With a common goal of destigmatizing cancer, the founders at cancerGO are determined to bridge the gap in communication and help educate people everywhere. Their unique backgrounds in clinical oncology operations and deep tech expertise equip them for this ambitious mission which seeks to empower individuals around the world about one of society's most challenging topics, "Cancer."

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