Leveraging the Power of Community to Normalize Cancer Talks and break down barriers – Let’s Start the Conversation NOW

Leveraging the Power of Community to Normalize Cancer Talks and break down barriers – Let’s Start the Conversation NOW

Vino Cherian
Vino Cherian
Normalize Cancer Talks | cancerGO

Cancer can be a complex topic to discuss, but it is a meaningful conversation that needs to happen. We need to normalize conversations about Cancer — not only for those facing the disease but also for their families, friends, and communities. One way of accomplishing this is by leveraging the power of the community. When people come together and share their experiences, they can provide much-needed support during difficult times. However, we must also break down any barriers preventing us from discussing Cancer openly — cultural beliefs or simply feelings of embarrassment or shame associated with talking about such a sensitive topic. Cultural beliefs often act as a barrier when discussing Cancer openly, especially in many parts of the world where there is still much stigma surrounding the disease — often due to false information circulated within particular cultures.

By breaking these barriers, we can finally begin having honest conversations about Cancer — about treatments, therapies, and the importance of early detection and prevention. Education is critical to breaking down these barriers and having open discussions about Cancer. We must provide accurate information on treatments to EMPOWER people to make informed decisions without fear or judgment from others.

Access to a supportive community also makes it easier for those going through treatments to feel less alone in their fight against Cancer. Supportive communities are especially vital for those living in rural areas who may not have easy access to medical care or other helpful educational resources. Furthermore, these communities allow us to learn from each other and share our stories in a safe space free from judgment and stigma.

We must also focus on shifting mindsets when discussing Cancer openly — shattering any ideas associated with shame or embarrassment when discussing such a sensitive topic. Education is crucial here as well; by educating others on the realities of this disease and how it affects those living with it, we can help diminish some of the taboos surrounding discussions about Cancer.

To that end, normalizing conversations about Cancer starts with leveraging communities who come together in support. Still, it also requires us all to take action to break down any cultural barriers and shift our mindsets when talking about such a sensitive subject matter. By doing so, we can create an open dialogue between those living with the disease and their loved ones while providing accurate information on treatments while raising awareness regarding early detection and prevention methods available today!

Vino Cherian
Vino Cherian
As the founder of cancerGO, my mission is to destigmatize cancer to simplify the future of cancer care. The passion behind building cancerGO stems from witnessing my grandmother, uncle's, and friends' cancer journeys among countless patients during my tenure at MD Anderson Cancer.

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