How to make the most out of the cancerGO mobile app

How to make the most out of the cancerGO mobile app

Pinaki Saha
Pinaki Saha

Welcome to cancerGO and we are delighted that you took the first step towards building a support community that allows you to engage, listen, answer questions, share information, and offer valuable and timely advice. Our platform enables a social network that strives to solve a fundamental problem – democratizing access to information, knowledge, resources, support, and guidance.

Once you register on the cancerGO mobile app, you are able to do multitude of things right away.

Navigate inside your public feed where you can browse cancer related posts, personal stories, tips, articles, and many other informational content. Post a question or a story about your cancer journey. Follow other patients, survivors, caregivers, and physicians. Reach out and send direct messages, and socialize on a cancer-only network.

Find and engage with a physician

You may engage with our physician and specialist community – one of a kind opportunity to start a conversation outside of your hospital network. If you are anxious about your condition and have a burning question, reach out to our growing network of oncologists, therapists, and healthcare professionals, using all social tools that you are already familiar with. Meanwhile, if you are physician, you can use our platform to respond to someone’s question or concern immediately. It is a key step towards destigmatizing cancer by disseminating vetted information to fight misinformation.

Lookup a support organization near you

As a patient or a survivor, you can look up a support organization near you. We are building cancerGO to be the one-stop destination for any cancer related support. As we onboard more non-profits and for-profit support organizations, you may check out local events and activities close to you where you can discover other patients and survivors. Reach out to these organizations from our mobile app easily and plan your next activity. Meanwhile, if you are a member of a support organization and believe that bringing your organization onboard can help many others to connect and benefit, please share it with us and we will reach out to them.

For any app related support questions, you can go to Settings and select Contact Support. Or you may reach directly at

Pinaki Saha
Pinaki Saha

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