Cancer: A disease we can no longer ignore

Cancer: A disease we can no longer ignore

Vino Cherian
Vino Cherian

Welcome to cancerGO;

we are honored to have you on your platform. cancerGo is a social network platform where oncologists democratize access to knowledge, interpret cancer medicine for a broader audience, and provide accurate cancer-related information to counteract misinformation. We want to equip patients with the correct information to fight cancer efficiently!

Connecting with cancer patients matters more than ever! We hope we partner with you to share and disseminate information with patients, caregivers, and survivors. We also aim to have a partnership where communication is open and goes both ways. In addition, through cancerGo, you can change oncology by providing perspective outside the four walls of the cancer center by involving patients, advocates, and the public.”

As an oncologist, you can use cancerGo to build interactive strategies, such as direct patient engagement, reaching out to potential patients, and sharing information about your organization or private practice. You can gain a following of patients, and you can not only establish a way to regularly communicate with patients but also pave the way for patients to establish an online community to communicate with each other.

Benefits for Oncologists

Many benefits come with joining cancerGo as an Oncologist.

  • You can play a significant role in getting accurate cancer-related information OUT through a dedicated oncology platform with a dedicated audience.
  • You can connect and have a conversation, either with other experts or peers, to learn and disseminate information.
  • You can advance your career by discussing publications, lectures, and a broader range of issues adjacent to the cancer you treat, including healthcare policy and cancer-care topics.


Above all, as an oncologist, you can end the stigma faced by patients who receive their cancer diagnosis. CancerGO’s platform is a great way to get your message out to cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. For those reasons, I thank you for your presence on cancerGo, and together, we will fight to destigmatize cancer. 

Vino Cherian
Vino Cherian
As the founder of cancerGO, my mission is to destigmatize cancer to simplify the future of cancer care. The passion behind building cancerGO stems from witnessing my grandmother, uncle's, and friends' cancer journeys among countless patients during my tenure at MD Anderson Cancer.

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